Test It Tuesday – Stop the Sting

By any measure, this was one of the more unusual “Test It Tuesday” trails. First of all, I was testing a product which had a medical purpose and had to be careful that there was nothing about it that could cause injury. Once I checked out all the ingredients ( collodial oatmeal, diethanolamine, kaolin and Triethanolamine ), there was the other difficutlt part of the test. Getting stung by a bee.

“Stop the Sting” creator Mike Fultz came up from Tennessee to do what he has done all across the country: get stung by either a bee, hornet, wasp or scorpion ( that’s right, scorpion ) to prove his product stops the pain of these stings. Of course, to really prove it works, I had to be stung as well … and I hate both pain and needles.

Probably the hardest part of putting this test together was getting someone to agree to let a bee or hornet sting us. You cam imagine the responses I got when I called local bee keepers, apiaries and pest control people. They were sure it was a joke, but I eventually found Mark Bedillion, owner of Bedillion’s market, to help us out. They make their own honey and have a hive right in their store.

After a little bit of whining, Mark put the bee on my forearm and let it sting me. Yes, it did hurt but the “Stop the Sting” ointment worked almost as quickly. After applying it, the pain of the sting was gone in 20 seconds or so. Also, there was no great swelling. There was just a little bump at the site of the sting. It worked!

Now, remember a few things. First, you must scrape away the stinger before applying the ointment. You can use a credit card or a piece of paper to do this. Also, if you have allergies as it relates to bees or wasps, this may take away the pain but Fultz says it will not replace a doctor’s care. Finally, do not try this at home. It’s a test and not one I would encourage to see if a product works. Both Mike and I knew our tolerance to the sting and were able to do this with no chance of injury.

One more thing. I spoke with another bee keeper while trying to find a place to host our test. He told me that when he gets stung, he uses onions to take the pain and swelling away. I don’t know if it works and I’m not going to get stung again to find out. It’s just a tip.

You can order it online for about $5 a tube. Just click this link to their website.





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