Test It Tuesday – The Shark Steam Mop

I’m not much for house cleaning personally, but I remember seeing my mom mop the floors of our house growing up and I could tell she wasn’t having much fun. The smell of ammonia and the sight of her pushing the mop up and down in an attempt to keep our hardwood floors clean sticks with me some thirty years later.

That’s why I was so excited to give the Shark Steam Mop a try. The premise seems so simple, you wondered how it could not work and why someone didn’t think of it sooner. It’s designed to give floors that steam cleaning and get down to pick up the grit and grime that can fall between the cracks and into the grout.

We visited Melonie Piatt’s home in the South Hills. Her home is 70-plus years old and recently she ripped out all the carpeting and replaced it with tile and the original hardwood floors. While it looks nice, Melonie will tell you that it’s a pain to keep clean and she’s usually on her hands and knees trying to make it happen.

Melonie Piatt tackling the tile with the Shark Steam Mop.

We gave her the  Shark Steam Mop and let her go to work. Instantly, she found many things to like about it: the length of the cord and the ease of assembly. However, the big difference for her came when she fired up the mop and let the steam take effect. Melonie said she could see the difference almost immediately in the grout … and on the pad which she lifted to show the dirt being captured.

I was impressed with the fact that no chemicals were needed, often a cause for concern for many parents. Also, the pads which are affixed to the bottom of the Shark Steam mop are washable.

So what’s the down side? It’s a lot pricier than a mop, retailing at Bed Bath and Beyond at $80. However, as Melonie pointed out, it captures more dirt than your average mop and it’s a lot less physically demanding. Melonie maybe in shape, but no one wants to have to put their back and knees to the test every time the floors need to be cleaned.

Thanks to the entire Piatt family for letting us use their home … and thanks to Mel’s three children who provided not only an audience, but plenty of entertainment.




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