Test It Tuesday – The iGallop

Two things came across loud and clear in this week’s “Test It Tuesday” experiment with the iGallop. People want great abs … and sometimes will go to great and silly lengths to get them.

Let me start by telling you about the iGallop. Sold in America only through Brookstone stores, the iGallop touts stronger thighs and abs by sitting on a device with a moving seat that emulates the motion of riding on a horse. I thought about asking our resident horse enthusiast – Sally Wiggin – to give the iGallop a ride. Instead, I went to Harmar for help.





The Friday morning kickboxing class at Alexander’s Athletic club features an all-female class and they have used this weekly get-together to firm up their abs. You could tell these women work out … a lot. I thought it would be the perfect place to put the iGallop to the test.

Holly, Kelly and the instructor Lynda were willing to give it a try. I first had all three women just sit on the iGallop as shown in the instructions with their feet off the ground. They all had the same reaction: laughter. They all felt silly and Lynda even pulled out a fake lasso and tried to “ride ’em cowboy”.

However, their opinions began to change when they each tried some of the suggested exercises which included cycling while sitting backwards on it, holding yourself by your arms and raising your body off the seat and doing leg raises while sitting on the sides.

All three women said they began to feel a burn, but they each said it wasn’t from the abdominal region. Each pointed to their thighs as the area that got the greatest benefit. So what was the downside? None felt the workout was worth the $299 list price – even though that is $400 less that it originally sold for. They believed the same benefits could be found using a large athletic ball that you would find at most gyms. Also, Lynda complained that despite her relative fitness level, her back was sore afterwards.

So how did the iGallop rate? It does provide physical benefits, though the ab claim is questionable, and perhaps a few laughs for those watching. However, it’s cost-prohibitive at $299, this earning it just two stars out of four.

If you are interested in riding your way to fitness, I would suggest going to the iGallop website which is available through Brookstone, the only local retailer that sells it.

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